The Blues by El Sticks

The Blues Box by El Sticks Vol 1-21

In a period spanning the 1980’s, I developed a large collection of Blues and Jazz music. There must have been a DJ inside me trying to get out as over this period, I distilled the very best sounds and created a collection of 21 blues tapes that charted my journey through the music. I titled these “The Blues by El Sticks” and a copy of each tape was passed to my friend and music producer, Rob Morris to play in his car.

At the beginning of 2020, before the lockdown, I embarked on a task to recreate every tape in as a playlist on Spotify. There were a small number of tracks that are not available on Spotify, so I had to import these from my private collection. These tracks are only available for me to listen to until they are added to Spotify in the future.

For anyone wishing to sample this collection, I recommend trying The Blues By El Sticks Sampler.

The Blues by El Sticks Vol 1-21